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Elena M.

Kew Gardens, NY

This guy (Alex) is truly amazing. The unbelievable work he does qualifies him as a Master (a True Artist) in his field. No matter what I brought him to fix (zippers on my daughter's boots or on my purse, broken or totally scratched heels, dog nibbled shoes... just name it, everything I picked up after he fixed it was in like new or sometimes better than new condition. If you have an old pair of your favorite shoes or a bag, WAIT before you throw it away, take it to Alex and you will be amazed just like I was."

Amanda L.

Sunnyside, NY

I seriously wont take my shoes anywhere else I brought him a dry leather, cracked heel, scuffed black pair of low heel flats and he restored them like new, all my shoes come back like new and he even weather-proofs my boots for me. 
His prices are highly reasonable and his turnaround is flexible.
I highly highly recommend him for anything you need at all for your shoes. 
He's a wizard with leather.

I have brought him Boots, heel, flats, sandals.
I've had repaired: holes in leather weave, broken heel, worn heel down to the metal, worn heel cap INTO the actual heel (and he replaced the whole heel), weather proofing, polishing, re-staining, fixed buckles. 

He will save your favorite shoes

Natalia B.

New York, NY

Alex did an amazing Job!
My heavy duty snow/slush/rain/mud boots were leaking and the soles where getting unglued. Now they are like new and he saved me at least $100!

Grams C.

Astoria, Queens, NY

Alex is a savior of shoes! I brought him 2 pairs of shoes that I had pretty much given up on but couldn't let go of so I tried giving them one more shot. The first was a pair of Tory Burch flats that are 5 years old. I'm highly attached to them because of the many trips I had taken with them so I didn't want to let them go. Alex changed the soles of the shoes and now it feels like they're going to be around for another 5 years. Unfortunately for me, I've lost an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes. 

The second challenge was a pair of beautiful booties that I had never gotten to use for more than 2 weeks at a time. After walking around in them 3-5 times, the bottom of the thin heel  disappeared, leaving me to walk around with a clunking sound because of the nail hitting the floor and running the risk of slipping. I had the heel repaired but the replacement only lasted 2 weeks as well. When I brought the shoes in for repair, Alex showed me the material he would use and told me to observe how long it would take before I'd need to bring them back for repair. I'm happy to report that I have been wearing my booties almost everyday for sometime now and the bottom of the heel shows no sign of disintegrating. 

I really appreciate the honest, good work that Alex does. I don't know if he charges more than other cobblers but, so far, whatever he's charged me has been well worth it.

Sara L.

Astoria, NY

Great, quick service! Great price too.

Olya T.

Brooklyn, NY

I have been going here since Albert owned the store.
The new owner Alex is just as amazing.
Does wonderful work at a very fair price.
He is able to do work that a lot of other cobblers aren't able to and does it with great skill.
He is always friendly and does everything with a short turn around time.
A fantastic business in Astoria.

Marie S.

Munich, Germany

I was skeptical that anyone could save my boots, but Alex works magic, is thorough and really nice. We checked out shoe repair shops closer by or in Manhattan, but she decided to try Albert's Shoe Repair based on reviews. Can completely confirm everyone else's experience.

My shoes were completely scuffed up, needing resoling and new heels, AND I wanted to add a bit of height to the new heels. In six days (as quoted) for $55, I had brand new shoes again. The color of the polish and heel matched the original perfectly. He's not pushy or judgmental that my shoes aren't $500 and took time to show me different materials for the soles (thickness, treads, colors). 

He does all other things, such as zipper repair, keys, and watch battery replacement too. Don't go expecting your shoes fixed overnight for the dirt cheapest price; go if you're the kind of person who values quality and a job well done.

Location is relatively easy to reach from subway, so it's really worth the time.

Jane C.

New York, NY

Beautiful job done by a real professional. Alex gave my boots, which I wanted to throw away, a second life)

Scott S.

New York, NY

I will be short but sweet: Alex is the real deal. There are few talented cobblers around and this guy knows how to fix quality shoes. Go see him. You won't be disappointed.

Adam S.

Burlington, VT

This place is amazing!!! Quality is fantastic, the guy is the best, super accomodating, fairly priced, couldn't ask for more. I can honestly say I got a shoe guy now. And I already started telling my friends.

Wayne C.

Astoria, NY

Holy cow this guy is good at what he does. I took a tattered pair of shoes in, not expecting much in return. He replaced the heals and soles and polished/reconditioned the leather.  My $300 pair of italian leather shoes was looking like a $30 pair of Payless junkers, but he brought them back to life and they're more comfortable than ever. $60 was well spent. I will definitely go back!

Alex, who took over from Albert, is old school European trained shoe repair guy. He's fixed and polished shoes and handbags for me, all done so well, with great care and expertise. Very happy customer.

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